Sneek Peek – One Shoulder Back Pack

So – not-so-recently the Just Craft Sh*t family added a new member, Rosie the dog.  She is charming, adorable, scruffy, smart, and a COMPLETE PSYCHO TERROR.  She fits in well.  🙂

Anyway, this means I am taking impromptu trips to Rosie’s bathroom (aka – walks around our apartment complex).  Not normally a huge problem, slip my phone and keys into a pocket and off we go, but now it is almost summer.  It’s getting warmer, and those summery dresses and skirts don’t tend to have pockets, and I need my hands free to contain the PSYCHO TERROR BEAST.  My purses are all huge (something that happens to all of us once momhood hits), and I don’t want to have to keep adjusting something on my shoulder while keeping everything small that moves safe from her wrath.  And I wanna make something!  Something like…


…this expensive Patagonia sling bag

But a little more FUN, and all from my (extensive and eclectic) stash.  Out came the fabrics, zippers, buckles, hardware, and the freezer paper (awesome for making patterns).  Here’s the stuff I settled on:

I really do have too much stuff...

Starting from the bottom and moving up, here’s what I decided on, where I got it, and approximately how much I paid:

  • AE belt, Goodwill, $.90
  • Zippers – two 6 1/2″, one 7″, and one 20″ – the 3 short ones were in a grab bag at Savers, $1.00, and the long one was purchased when a local fabric shop closed it’s doors :(, $1.50
  • Fabrics – fat quarter (a gift from my mil, so free), blue lightweight cotton from Goodwill $.50, heavyweight flower print cotton from Jo-Ann’s $3.25, and a lovely wool suiting fabric from Goodwill $2.00 (for almost 3 yards, which I will definitely not use it all for this project)

So, pretty cheap, especially when you factor in how little of the fabrics I will be using.

I decided on a size, shape, and did some drawing (and headache-inducing math) and drew up my pattern:


Then taped the pieces together to make sure I had the maths right (it’s hard to think through a migraine):

3d pattern

The next step will be to cut fabrics and sew.  I’ll definitely need my seam ripper handy, and some quarters for the swear jar, but I’ll let you know how it turns out, and if it works (cross your fingers guys) I’ll even supply a pattern with a tutorial!  Yeah, I’m awesome like that.  🙂

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