Proof of Progress

I know I’ve had a couple of posts now about how I’m making a dollhouse, a perfect little world for my grumpy little Bernie, but I haven’t backed anything up with photos, so here’s the evidence of my obsession (though this is not even CLOSE to the extent of the problem).

So, let’s start with the entrance, as every home has one –

The paint was supposed to be red, but it is more of a dark bubblegum color.  I actually like it, but I was planning on an airy, natural lakeside palette so it may have to change.

If you look closely, you may notice that it is hodge-podged together with materials from many hoarded sources.  Here’s a good example:

In this photo there is plywood, balsa craft wood (which I HATE, btw), poplar square dowels, mystery wood from a Handy Andy Wood Toymaker Set from the late 70s (a thrift store find by the hubby), paint stir sticks, and acrylic panels for window glass.  Can you tell I have NO EARTHLY IDEA what I’m doing?  But I’m enjoying it, even if the end result can’t even support itself.  :/

And here we have a small sample of the mess involved, and a peek inside the structure.

And a view of an inner corner:

I hope to have some more to show soon!

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