My New Ottoman

I am in love, and totally in awe of my talents.  I really didn’t expect this upcycled project to turn out so gosh darn fan-freakin-tabulous – but it did – and I’ll tell ya all about it…  Want to make your own?

You are going to need a few supplies:

  • short(ish) furniture legs
  • a base to attach legs, foam, and fabric to
  • at least a yard of heavy duty fabric, depending on size of the ottoman, more if the fabric has a pattern
  • sewing machine equipped with heavy duty needle
  • spray adhesive (optional, but helpful)
  • piping or trim (optional, but pretty)
  • staple gun, or furniture tacks and a hammer
  • drill (which was unnecessary on mine, but I’ll elaborate later)
  • scissors/rotary cutter
  • straight edge/ruler
  • furniture grade foam, as thick as you can afford (mine is 4″ x 22″ x 24″)

Here’s how I made mine, and I’ll even tell you how much I spent (hint – not much)!

First, I took the legs off of an IKEA Lack side table (that we got free off of Craigslist and used as a side table for more than a year),


This is what the table looked like before…

and spray-glued the foam piece (that I got at Joann’s with a coupon – final price about $16) to the top.  I cut a piece of my fabric (lovely brown-grey fleece-backed poly woven I found in the remnant bin at Joann’s, $3.50)


This makes me want to reupholster my couch… :/

to the size of my table’s top, plus seam allowance, approximately 23″ x 23″, and pinned and sewed my piping (Wright’s brand, the color is Mediterranean, I used 2 packages at about $1.40 each, also purchased at Joann’s)


Wrights Piping in Mediterranean Blue

around the right side of the fabric.  Then I cut 2 pieces of fabric approximately 6″ x 56″ (the width of my fabric piece, selvage to selvage) and seamed one of the short ends, right sides together, and pinned this REALLY long piece around the top, right sides together, with the piping sandwiched between, making sure that the seam hit at the center of a side,


It’s so pretty!

and sewed around to the center of the opposite side, where I then stitched the short ends together and trimmed the excess.  I pinned and sewed the second piping to the right side of the side fabric and stitched all the way around.  Next I cut more long, narrow strips (4″ x the length of my fabric), seamed the short ends together, and pinned and stitched it, long and right sides together, with the second round of piping in between.  This time I didn’t worry about where the seams hit, this is the round that is stapled to the underside of the table top…  which is the next step…


Staples galore!

When attaching the fabric to the base, a big, strong friend can be helpful.  My hubby helped pull the fabric and compress the foam until the lower piping hit the bottom of the table top –


Perfectly placed! Thanks Mr. JustCraftSh*t!

while I used the electric staple gun (insert manly grunt here)


This baby is my new favorite tool… it staples, nails… and harms bad guys? All for $30!

to keep it in place.  I did the outer round first, then cut small holes where the feet needed to screw into the base, and neatened it all up with the second, inner round of staples.  Screwed in the legs (which were salvaged from a chair we junked years ago), and put my feet up.  (You may need to drill holes for your feet if what you are using for a base does not already have them.  I lucked out that the ones on my table top were in the perfect place, and were almost big enough.  Our family motto – MAKE IT FIT.)



Can you see why I’m so happy?  $22~ and some trash furniture + about an afternoon and I have an awesome new foot stool!

Happy crafting!

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