Lined Mitten DIY

Winter has finally arrived here in JustCraftSh*tland, and my dear, clueless husband finally witnessed why I wanted to get the 5-year-old mittens instead of gloves.  (How the heck do kids turn various parts of their body into limp spaghetti at the most inopportune moments?!)  So, quickie mittens to the rescue!

I used *this* free pattern from Red Heart, just a basic mitten that worked up very quickly with Red Heart Super Saver yarn (durable and cheap, let’s face it – he is five – I’d be surprised if he didn’t lose or destroy them in the coming week) and a J/10 hook.  But, as all people with grandmas who knit them warm things for winter know – wind and wet go through yarn FAST, and these need to be snowball proof.  I decided to use leftover fleece to line the mittens.

Crocheted mittens and fleece remnant

Here’s what I used:

  • mittens I crocheted
  • a small amount of fleece
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • hand needle
  • thread

And here’s what I did:


Flatten the mitten on top of a double layer of fleece and cut around the mitten with about 1/4 inch extra.  Notice that the cuff of the mitten overhangs the fleece – this was intentional, so the long cuff can be folded up if Mr. Spaghetti Fingers wants.  This is what I ended up with:


Now it’s time to sew.  I used a machine, but hand sewing works fine, too.  Remember not to sew the wrist closed!


Stuff the fleece lining inside the mitten.  A Sharpie was helpful, because I couldn’t get *my* hands inside the mitten to match up the thumb.


I folded back the wrist of the fleece to hide the unfinished edge between it and the mitten:


And hand sewed the lining to the mitten (the mitten cuff is folded back).





I know, you can’t see his limp noodle appendages, but I assure you, they are there.  And now they will be warm (at least until he loses the mittens.  *sigh*).

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