I’m obsessed….

I think I may need to attend an MA meeting – Miniatures Anonymous.  :/

So, in the slightly-more-than-a month period since my last post, I have:

-Begun my dollhouse-from-scratch,

-Made (2) two room roomboxes for my mini-me son,

-Collected a multitude of building supplies and accessories, and

-Bought Bernie a feminine friend.

Oh, and won an Ebay auction for ANOTHER dollhouse kit, the Greenleaf Brookwood, which will wait a while.  Our apartment isn’t big enough for all these large projects AND my family, and I’d like to keep them around, if only to tell me how brilliant and what a great cook I am.  Oh, and the cuddles, they’re nice too.

Anyway, yes I did just call miniatures a “large project.”  The livingroom rug is covered with tools, wood scraps, glues, acrylic sheets (and crumbs from my son).  I’m also storing various bits – an assembled kitchen kit, lamp making supplies, wiring supplies, tiny accessories, wallpapers…  The list goes on.  “Miniatures” may SEEM like a good small space hobby, but it EASILY can overtake a whole room.  And I need to apologize to my increasingly patient family, as building a dollhouse (or three) is a slow process and I’ve no clue when we will have a fully functional space again.

I will be taking numerous photos soon to document what a rubbish builder I am, so stay tuned.

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