I Don’t Want to Get All Political Here…

But it’s so gosh-darn hard not to.  And I really doubt anyone is reading this anyway, so, what the hey.  

So, some background – I am clinically diagnosed with depression.  I am on two prescribed medications for this, which help immensely, but it is still difficult most days to function.  My seven month hiatus is an example.  I could not sit down and focus long enough to write a post, couldn’t think of anything I wanted to write about, couldn’t find the energy to:

-think of a project

-plan the project

-document the project

-complete the project, and

-write about the project.

It made me tired just thinking about it all.  And then, the effing election.  After actually being motivated by my candidate (when I’ve voted in the past, it was more about the lesser of two or 13 evils, but not this time – at least during the primary), he was defeated.  But eventually I was WITH HER, and still think she would have been a better choice than Cheetolini, who I wholeheartedly believe will destroy the world, one fact-believing-non-christian at a time.  But none of this is the point here, the point is I WAS MOTIVATED.  I BELIEVED IN SOMETHING.  So, fast forward to December.  A time for celebration, family, crafty-gift-making, and the whole time I had the same tape looping through my brain – where did this America come from?  This is NOT MY country.  So much hate, greed, fear, and outright lies.  Moving, however appealing an option, isn’t feasible at this time, so how can I stay sane for the next who-knows-how-many years?

-Be the person I wish America was filled with, generous, kind, helpful

-eat too much chocolate (note to self, buy stock in Hersheys)

-raise my son to not fear the world, but to love it, cherish it, and all its citizens

-and create my own little perfect world.

That’s right…  Miniatures!  I am going to build a modern dollhouse from scratch, and I’ve already found its first inhabitant.


Stay sane friends, no matter who you voted for.  It’s important to have differences, and to spread happiness wherever we go.

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