Adventures in Panty Making

So lately I’ve been reading some wonderful blog posts by extraordinarily talented people who have successfully sewn their own bras and underwear.  Madalynne is one such seamstress, I drool over all her beautiful pictures of perfectly sewn lusciousness.  But what really convinced me to give it a try is  verypurpleperson.  Her tutorial is so clear, and the pictures so detailed, I immediately thought – I CAN DO THIS!

That thought was ambitious.  And premature.  And so, so naive.  But I’ve gotten ahead of myself. Continue reading

Crochet a Jayne Cobb Hat!

(AKA the hat that only a badass could wear)

You will need:

Size I crochet hook
1 skein gold worsted weight yarn (I used Vanna’s Choice acrylic)
1 skein pumpkin worsted weight yarn (again, I used Vanna’s Choice)
1 skein rust worsted weight yarn (guess what – yep, Vanna wins again!)
A smug smile when anyone (anyone?? *sound of  crickets chirping*) gets the reference Continue reading