About Me

I am a stay at home mom to a boy that one day will take the world by storm (hopefully in a good way) and wife to a brilliant dad-man-boy (I call him a twelve year old with a salary). I enjoy almost anything that requires creativity, and am quite certain that a desk job will someday kill me. Or bacon.

I decided to open my crazy brilliant head to the world because A: I can’t afford therapy *where’s your couch?*, B: you WILL be my minions *insert evil laugh*, C: I need adoration *applaud dammit*, D: I want to make sure no one will hire me *work allergy*, or E: ALL OF THE ABOVE. I’ll let you decide…

Why did I choose this website domain? Well, I am a bit late to the blogging world, and all you other fabulous crafty blog gods and goddesses got the good ones. But crafting for me is therapeutic, even if a project fails miserably, and I’m hoping that my JUST TRY IT mentality will rub off on a few of you mentally unstable members of society. And if, by some miracle, my blog encourages you to just craft sh*t, I’d love it if you stroked my ego and send me proof of my brainwashing success photos.