Harry Potter Birthday Party Planning

It’s that time of year again… getting ready for back-to-school, for the last trip to the pool, and the multiple last trips to the local ice cream place.  And my son’s birthday is approaching, which means I go into full party-idea-storming-mode.  I thrive on this, kid’s parties use all of my various skills to some degree, but I can get obsessed.  And I definitely am for this one.

Kiddo saw the first two Harry Potter films a couple months ago and he’s HOOKED.  So much so that he saved up gift money and his $2/week allowance to buy the extraordinarily expensive Monster Book of Monsters plush.  He’s never saved money for more than a week and a half, this took him upwards of a month.  Yup, hooked.  So no surprise that he wants a Harry Potter theme this year.  My inner (or outer) geek is squealing with happiness.

My hubby is getting increasingly annoyed with being my only sounding board, and here you all are…  so… these are the ideas I’ve come up with so far:

-Use parchment-y cards to print the invites and seal with wax

-Have a green screen photo booth area and call it Zonkos Joke Shop.  Hubby has all the equipment and some of the knowledge…  Set up a dress up area with clothes and props ready, call it Madam Malkin’s

-Create the great hall using led candles suspended on fishing line, house colors on the tables, house pennants on the wall, candlesticks with led candles, gold and silver accents, table runners (to increase the rich, medieval feeling)

-Make wands with chopsticks, hot glue, beads, paint, whatever, wrap them up and make a little Ollivanders display, with a sign reminding any picky kids that the wand chooses the wizard

-The sweet section of the food table will be Honeydukes, of course, complete with Jelly Belly jelly beans to stand in for Bernie Botts Every Flavor, no gross ones though, and chocolate frogs.

-The drink area can be J. Pippins Potions, with Polyjuice Potion (lime sherbert, Sprite, and green food coloring), and various others with cute name labels on them.

-The cake will instead be cupcakes decorated as dirt with a molded Tootsie Roll Mandrake buried in there.  They’ll have to eat it quickly before they pass out, because I cannot provide ear protection for multiple guests.

-Favors will be collected by the guests in a scavenger hunt manor, call it the Hogwarts Student Supply List.

-Use Lindt white chocolate truffles as Golden Snitches

-Crochet Dobby to display somewhere, find owls, rats, cats, spiders to adorn the room.

I’ve already done some prelim shopping, more on that in the next post.  Til then… craft some sh*t people!