Sneek Peek – One Shoulder Back Pack

So – not-so-recently the Just Craft Sh*t family added a new member, Rosie the dog.  She is charming, adorable, scruffy, smart, and a COMPLETE PSYCHO TERROR.  She fits in well.  🙂

Anyway, this means I am taking impromptu trips to Rosie’s bathroom (aka – walks around our apartment complex).  Not normally a huge problem, slip my phone and keys into a pocket and off we go, but now it is almost summer.  It’s getting warmer, and those summery dresses and skirts don’t tend to have pockets, and I need my hands free to contain the PSYCHO TERROR BEAST.  My purses are all huge (something that happens to all of us once momhood hits), and I don’t want to have to keep adjusting something on my shoulder while keeping everything small that moves safe from her wrath.  And I wanna make something!  Something like… Continue reading